Sunday 1 December 2019

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I'm a very infrequent blogger it has to be said -  but to not blog about the Cancerucan Empowerment retreat would be a crime as it truly was something special which should be shared :-)

So here it is....

The retreat last month was our second Cancerucan retreat.
We held it at the beautiful Penny Brohn Centre agin - the first one being in April last year.

I think it would be accurate to say we had a total blast!

26 Cancerucanners came together for three days of talks, workshops, singing, pampering, delicious food, healing and fun and there was definitely a lot on the menu.

We had day-only tickets available on the Monday and around 15 extra people joined us for a very full day.

We kicked off the retreat with a yummy lunch and then experienced Masashi teaching us Shintaido -  a very gentle,yet profoundly health-supportive practice, which helped us all arrive and to feel grounded.

The very inspiring Jem Ayres brought us our first talk she described how she overcome stage four cancer in her own unique (and orgasmic) way!

Jem is a remarkable young woman who is clear and grounded and she emphasised the importance of being in our bodies and honouring our truth.

Then Annee Bury took us through a fire ceremony where Cancerucanners had the chance to let go of all that no longer served them by throwing it in the fire whilst calling in a new intention. This was very powerful and connected us to all to our intentions for the retreat.

Paul Cooper gave us the most delicious sound bath which for me was just what the doctor ordered as I began to relax and truly enjoy the retreat!

It's always fun to meet the people you know through Facebook in the flesh and there was plenty of excitement as people recognised each other from their profile pictures.

There were quite a few repeaters from last year, so lots of tangible joy as good friends greeted each other.

There was a great deal of laughter, hugs and love throughout the retreat as many new friendships were formed.
the food was really really good. Penny Brohn are not organic, but they agreed to provide organic vegan food for us and it was truly amazing!

We had our wonderful foodie Melanie Gamble there who gave a food demo and showed how to make a delicious savoury dish as well as an unbelievably good 'cheese cake' OMG! Best EVER vegan dessert!

Go here to purchase Mel's new vegan book: Healing Deliciously Goes Vegan  which supports the charity Together Against Cancer 

We also had an outstanding breath group with Benjamin Tree and Eliza Kenyon which brought a great deal of transformation and opening to the group - visible on peoples faces afterwards!

There were a few stands - here is Fleur Barnfather who provided us with her gorgeous artwork for the retreat:

The room was graced with Fleur's paintings - here is Bayari with Fleur's winged picture behind her. 

We had stands from Together against Cancer and Yes to Life .

As well as Resource me  and Alana's kitchen.

 Bayari brought 'Divine Pampering', where we got in to groups of three and each person got to receive pampering from two other people at the same time. We were anointed with oils and our feet soaked in salts and oils and heads were massaged and stroked with gorgeous  potions which we made up from essential oils and herbs.

We all felt like kings and queens afterwards - walking on air!

The one and only Chris Woolams came and lectured on gut health - what an amazing gift that was. This man is so incredible knowledgable and generous with his information. We are so grateful that he was able to switch around his schedule in order to be there.

I taught a session on PSYCH-K and EFT and we also had Dr Duncan Still  - one of the Penny Brohn doctors who spoke to us about the importance of creating balance in our lives.

Monday evening turned in to a lively and celebratory affair as we had Barry the guitar man come and play his guitar so we could all sing together - lots of Beatles, some Bob Marley and many other great tunes. We also had a whole heap of instruments thanks to Penny Brohn - tambourines, drums and rattles. Everyone jumped in to the spirit of it and we had a good old sing.

We were extremely fortunate to have  Emma Louise and Kathy White both share their incredible stories of health transformation from stage 4 cancer on the last morning.

 Such strong and beautiful women who spoke from their hearts and bared their souls, as they took us through their epic journeys.
Of course the Penny Brohn Centre was as gorgeous as ever and held us with love and grace in its loving space - what a true gift it was to be there.
Heather Holman did an incredible job of project-managing the retreat and she really is amazing to work with - so grateful for all the little touches she brought including the brilliant programmes she printed and all of the welcome cards that she bought and put in people rooms.
Also really grateful to  Emma Louise, Jenny Littman, Sidika Petterson and Kathy White for all of the extra admin help.
Big thank you to 'Together Against Cancer' and Laura Loftus fund (thanks to Karen Waddington) for subsidising many Cancerucanners to be there who would have otherwise been unable to afford to attend.

To bring closure to our beautiful retreat, we had the very lovely Tarisha Seligman who brought us a singing medicine ceremony and this was the perfect way to end and after this we said our goodbyes.


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