The Cancer Act 1939

Has anybody heard of “The Cancer Act” 1939? Not many seem to know about it, yet so many of us are suffering from it’s effects.
You should know that it is a particularly restrictive bit of legislation which prevents people like me from saying that it is possible to heal from cancer – terminal or otherwise.

Infact I was contacted recently by trading standards and told that unless I changed my websites, I ran the risk of being fined £1000!

Have you ever wondered why you do not hear much about alternative choices when it comes to treating cancer? Well look no further than The Cancer Act 1939. It was originally created to protect the public from charlatans, but in this day and age of supposed freedom of speech, it seems a little out-dated at the least and positively obstructive at the most.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in August 2007, I desperately began the search to find women who had cured their own cancer without conventional medicine. I knew it was possible, having healed from terminal cancer once already, but I was desperately trying to find someone who had healed their ovarian cancer (as was my diagnosis at that time).

I looked on the internet avidly for someone who had managed to heal their ovarian cancer – but to no avail.
Eventually though, I found Gillian Gill thanks to Dr Rosy Daniel. Thank goodness for Gillian! She who been nothing short of an angel in my life and I am forever grateful to her for her encouragement and help.

It is so helpful to meet people who have healed their cancer – it is inspiring beyond belief, so I vowed that my story would be up there in cyberspace as soon as I healed myself so that I could offer instant hope to people when they most needed it.

I pledged that when I recovered from my disease that I would do everything in my power to help others to recover too.

I decided that a six week evening course looking at the main therapies which helped me to recover on a week by week basis, would be a great way to reach those that needed my help

I planned my course, advertised it and was all set to go, very excited about getting out there and helping people with education and information about how they could give themselves the very best chance of recovering from cancer.

That was until the very nice man from trading standards sent me a not-so-nice letter telling me that the course was illegal!

So I duelly cancelled it.
Click here to read The Cancer Act for yourself.

However, it is NOT ILLEGAL to run a course enttled ‘Transfroming Serious Diseases’ so that shall be the title of my next course! Probably best to email me for details of that – it will run in either September or October.

It seems to me that something is WRONG when the whole world is able to tune in and watch the suffering and tragic decline of reality TV star jade Goody as she dies of Cervical cancer. Whilst I, who also had cervical cancer and was also told by The Royal Marsden that I would not recover, am having difficulty sharing with people how I recovered!
I did not have surgery, radiotherapy or regular chemotherapy.
My healing story is below if you would like to read it.

I am in the process of collecting other people’s healing stories as I think that that would be the best use for this blog – so please contact me if you have a story to share. Whether you have healed yourself with alternative or a combination of orthodox and alternaive / complimentary medicine – your story is valuable to inspire other people.

If you are a practitioner and would like to attend my one-day seminar on 30th May in Bristol – re-named “Cancer – a fresh perspective”, please email me for details and a booking form.

One thing is for sure – the law needs to be changed in order to allow access of information for all who need it!

In the meantime, I will do my best to stay within the law!