Thank yous

Thank you to everyone who helped me to get through this difficult time:

Thank you to My Dad, Gavin for your un-erring support and love throughout.
Thank you to Sidika, who got stuck in and helped me to find my way at the beginning when I felt very lost, thanks for always believing that I could do it!
Thank you to Ofer for your wise words and good ideas.
Thank you to Dr Smith, my G.P and the Falloden Way Surgery who were all very helpful with agreeing to monitor me when I refused to keep going to see the hospital consultant – you stuck your neck out for me and I shall always be very grateful to you.
Thank you to my Brother, Chris, who came over from The States with wife Cristina and my Niece Vanessa when I got diagnosed in order to support me.
Thank you to Earth Angel, Gillian Gill who was a tower of strength for me throughout, making herself available for phone-chats when I was at rock-bottom on many occaisions and also for initiating me with Reiki.
Thank you to Sara for being there for me despite having four young children to look after – thanks for coming out to Germany to see me.
Thank you to Caz, my oldest friend who came to visit whenever she could and helped me wash the juicer.
Thank you to Gaynor and Julie, my lovely helpers, who took it in turns to come in each morning to help with juicing and housework.
Thank you to YES TO LIFE and FACT, who both helped me with charitable donations, enabling me to visit Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.
Thank you Dr Douwes at Klinik-st-George in Germany who helped me with Low-dose chemo and hyperthermia.
Thank you to fantastic Mary Trenfield who helped me to turn the corner with Psych-K and has since become a great friend.
Thank you to gorgeous Sasha Allenby who inspired me with EFT and helped me to process some difficult memories with EFT and Matrix re-imprinting.
Thank you to Peter Wallace, who is a kind and generous man and who helped me with advice and support.
Thank you to my nieces and nephew; Sarah, Jane and David for your supportive texts and phonecalls.
Thank you to Dr Rosy Daniel who was very compassionate and gave me good support and advice.
Thank you to my gorgeous Greyhound Bella, who loved me throughout and taught me the art of relaxing!
Thank you to Jackie who kindly looked after Bella whenever I had to go away for treatment and workshops.
Thank you to Rich, Joerg, Gerd and Amy for helping me so much on the breath workshop, and to Amy for the AFS
Thank you to Peter Aziz for your shamanic healing work.
Thank you to Darpan and Marc for helping me with Ayahuaska.
Thank you to Peter Munzell and Delores Geisler for supporting me from California and for the Guardian machine, Thank you to all of my friends who loved and supported me throughout – especially Anna, Ian, Lynn, Joanne, Brian, Archan, Karen, Hannah.
Thank you to Rick for helping me to change my bedroom around and for helping with my computer
Thank you to The Penny Brohn Centre for such inspiration, thank you to Pat Pilkington for all your wise words and prayers.
Thank you to louise Hay for your amazing inspiration.
Thank you to Petra, who was a great friend for me in the German Clinic and who sadly did not make the recovery she was hoping for.
Thank you to all who held me in their hearts and all who prayed for me.
Thank you to all unseen forces who were rooting for me at all times.