About me

Having recovered twice from 'terminal' cancer without using conventional medicine, I feel it is important to let other people know that it is possible. That is the purpose for this blog - when we are trying to achieve something that is generally viewed as impossible - it helps to connect with others who have achieved what we are aiming for.

 I believe that the body is capable of great miracles when it comes to healing - health is our default setting and our job is to get out of the way as much as possible and let the body do it's job.

I originally trained as a nurse - but knowing what I had already learned about healing due to my recovery from Leukaemia aged 11 using The Gerson Therapy, it did not sit well with me to experience what unhelpful places hospitals are when it comes to treating chronic and metablolic diseases - such as cancer.
In 1988, I undertook a four-year full-time course in Herbal Medicine which enabled me to become a Medical Herbalist. I went traveling in 1994 to India where I spent the best part of two years, a year of which was spent at the Osho commune, where I learned to meditate. I took on the name Shakeela at that time by becoming a Sannyassin (disciple of Osho).

On my return I moved to Bristol for two years before moving to North London where I spent the next seven years - practicing as a Herbalist, whilst also studying to become a Teacher and Craniosacral Therapist. During my time in London, I also started teaching children how to prepare and use herbal remedies - running the very popular Potions Club at Islington Ecology Centre.
I moved back to Bristol in 2005 and worked as a practitioner for 2 years, before becoming very sick for the second time. This time metastasised Cervical cancer which had gone to the ovaries and the brain - The Royal Marsden told me it was palliative care for me only. Against all odds, I recovered for the second time - It took me ten months from diagnosis to being tumour-free.
I felt that I was going to recover, although at times I did wonder if I was being over-optimistic!
Now it is my passion to share what I learned with others!
I live alone with my beautiful Greyhound in a house I love and a garden full of herbs. I have an abundant life with many friends and best of a - a healthy body which I have learned to nurture!

My main website is: http://www.natureworx.com

To find out about events I organise, go to www.back2healthevents.com 

you can email me on: info at natureworx.com