Sunday, 19 September 2010

Seminar update

Hi everyone

It is now two weeks since my seminar "Cancer a Fresh Perpective and the 7 keys to Healing"

I am delighted to report that we had a great turn-out with 46 attendees in all. There was a great mix of people, with the majority of the practitioners being Herbalists. There were also some people who had a cancer diagnosis - generally looking much healthier than the rest of us thanks to their juicing and detox regimes!

We had a beautiful room over-looking the River Avon and suspension bridge. Thank you to all those that came and for those that did not make it - don't worry there will be more!

I have since been asked to run a day in Brighton and one in Scotland - watch this space...

Blessings and appreciation to you all,


Friday, 20 August 2010

Twice recovered from 'terminal' cancer - the video

I have just made my first ever YouTube video – I am talking a bit about the seminar I am running in Bristol on 4th September “ Cancer a Fresh Perspective” and about the various cancers which I have recovered from.
It was filmed in my treatment room with my herbal remedies all around.

You can watch it here
If you'd like to help inspire more people around recovery from cancer, please feel free to share this video on Facebook, Twitter etc or emailing it to a friend by clicking on the Share button under the video.
I hope you enjoy it!
Please understand that the purpose of this video is for me to share my experience. It is not to be interpreted as advice.

 Best wishes


Friday, 30 July 2010

Healing from Ovarian Cancer Story

This inspiring video will give all those with a cancer diagnosis great inspiration! Thanks for sending it to me Veetmaya. It is about a woman who healed her ovarian cancer with diet, exercise, some relationship adjustments(!)....all leading to a very happy ending!
Watch the video

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hug with Bruce Lipton!!!

I went to see Bruce Lipton in London at Alternatives last weekend and he was amazing. I told him what an inspiration he had been to my healing from cancer and he gave me a big hug! What a very lovely man with such an important message of hope and inspiration! Check out his website

Friday, 16 July 2010

Herbfest UK 2010 - 22nd to 25th July

I shall be talking at Herbfest this year. The title of my talk is "Embracing the Monster" - sharing about my experience of healing. For more information go to Fiona Shakeela Burns at Herbfest UK

Seminar: "Cancer - a Fresh Perspective and the Seven Keys to Healing" 4 September 2010 in Bristol

I am presenting a seminar called "Cancer - a Fresh Perspective and the Seven Keys to Healing". This is aimed at practitioners supporting people who have a diagnosis of Cancer. Download Fiona Shakeela Burns - Cancer "A Fresh Perspective" information and booking form.

I have healed from cancer twice, and both times the doctors had pronounced me terminally ill. I had Plasma Cell Leukaemia and Sarcoma aged 11 and then as an adult, metastasised Cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and the brain.I had no conventional treatment.

My childhood cancer recovery which was due largely to the Gerson Therapy, led to me becoming a Medical Herbalist and I was able to bring this experience to my own healing process 31 years later. My belief in my recovery, coupled with absolute determination to get well, resulted in a dramatic and rapid return to health against all odds. You can read my full story in my earlier blog post.

I am now ready to share with my colleagues the valuable lessons that I've learned, including the “back-to-basics” principles of healing which I applied. I used a combination of diet, herbs, juices, Vitamin C infusions and body-mind techniques, as well as some cutting edge treatment at a German clinic. My high-speed roller coaster journey has left me with the belief that there is no such thing as an incurable illness.

Having identified the seven distinct keys which were involved in my Cancer recovery, I am excited to be able to share these with other practitioners. I will also share my insights about how my mind and emotions played key roles, first in the creation of the disease and then in my return to health.

I will explain how I used enemas, rectal and vaginal implants of decocted herbs and essential oils. Also covered, will be Immune-stimulating and anti-tumour herbs and supplements, Insulin-potentiated targeted chemotherapy, hyperthermia and Bruce Lipton’s work on how the beliefs that we hold affect our physiology. There will also be opportunity for practitioners to share their own experiences of supporting people with cancer.

Whilst on my healing journey, I came to understand that the main purpose for my life was inspiration; both to receive it and to offer it to others. I hope for both at this seminar.

Other benefits I hope you will receive from this seminar include:

  • Greater confidence that you are well-informed and doing the best you can supporting your clients to heal themselves
  • A chance to network and learn from/share with other practitioners working holistically with cancer
  • Support and inspiration for yourself in a challenging area of your work
  • A useful framework for your work: The 7 keys approach
  • Insight into how to work effectively with the NHS system
  • A Resource list

What previous participants have said about this seminar

“Excellent to witness an Eclectic choice of naturopathic therapies used in such as effective way. The tools of the trade used to their best advantage.
I liked the openness of Fiona’s description of her healing methods, and willingness to expand details when requested”
Caroline Galloway MNIMH

“Fiona, I loved it all….you are an inspiration! “
Sebastian Pole Founder of Pukka Herbs

“This seminar was inspirational and informative Fiona was consistently open honest and generous with information. I left feeling inspired to make changes in my own life as well as to share new information with clients.”
Mary Trenfield – PSYCH-K Trainer

“This seminar surpassed my expectations – I would definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues”
Gursewa Harrad – Medical Herbalist London

“The seminar was direct, and honest. Fiona was passionate about communicating her experiences, without any sense of ego or arrogance. She spoke her truth from the heart, and gave enough information to allow us to go away and explore further.”
Steve Taylor - Medical Herbalist

“ I thought it was absolutely brilliant – I learned so much. Everything was explained very clearly and Fiona answered all questions put to her very clearly and in a very matter of fact and down to earth manner.”
Maggie Hubbard - Medical Herbalist

Seminar Details:

Saturday, 4 September 2010 - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Avon Gorge Hotel
Sion Hill, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4LD (Tel: 0117 973 8955)


£75 for Practitioners, £55 for Students.
Early Bird Special: £10 off if you book before 18th August 2010

To secure your place with a deposit or to pay in full, please see the Booking Form at the end of the Flyer Download.

Download Fiona Shakeela Burns - Cancer "A Fresh Perspective" information and Booking Form.

If you would like to be kept informed about future seminars, please email me at