Saturday 5 November 2011

Thyroid Healed despite Doctor's pessimism

Oh Technology - I do struggle with it! Anyway this is the continuation of what I was saying about my thyroid - I hope it makes sense!
Basically, I did Matrix Reimprinting, Herbs, PSYCH-K, 5 Tibettans, Homeopathy and throat massage! - Anyway the GOOD NEW IS that this week, the blood test show my thyroid was working properly again. I knew that it was infact because my energy is back and I feel great!

What you need to know is that Big Pharma has massive investment in our belief that conditions cannot be healed. There is nothing more appealing to a drug company infact than a person being put on a drug and kept on it for the rest of their life. The fact is that BODIES HEAL!!!!!! - yes they do, as I have proved yet again!
Hooray for my intelligent and resilient body - THANK YOU!! Keep going for it people - it pays off xx

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