Saturday, 21 April 2018

Cancerucan Retreat

Hi Everyone!

Well it is three weeks now since the Cancerucan Retreat which we ran at the Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol.
I'm happy to say it was a complete success, measured by the connection, joy and and hope that the majority of the participants seemed to take away with them as well as the feedback forms that were filled in at the end of the retreat!

Something that I had not anticipated was that many participants reported that the pain that they had arrived with -  due to their various cancers, was reduced and in some cases, gone by the end of the retreat!
This shows the very important part that experiencing positive emotions plays in reducing pain.

When I first stepped in through the doors of the penny Brohn Centre 11 years ago -  following my stage four cancer diagnosis, I had the feeling that I was going to recover fully and bring what I learned during my healing journey, to the Penny Brohn Centre so that others would benefit from my journey.
I did not realise that it would be 11 years later - but the timing felt perfect in every way.

The Cancerucan retreat was an idea that literally woke me up in the middle of the night around a year ago and with it had come such a feeling of celebration and excitement that I could not go back to sleep!

So I got out of bed, switched the Wifi on and went downstairs to share my idea on Facebook for the retreat with my Cancerucan Facebook group - hoping that once the idea had been 'parked', that I would drop off to sleep - it worked!
The next day, I decided to check how the idea had been received within the group and was shocked and delighted to see that there were already 78 comments and it was only 11am!

I think that the main appeal was that people who had been communicating virtually - some of them for 4 years since the group was started, were finally getting a chance to meet in person and share skills in the form of workshops and talks.
I set up the Cancerucan Facebook group four years ago so that people could connect and share ideas, tips, resources and support each other to heal.
Over the years, the group has gone from strength to strength with many people wanting to join.

Anyone who has faced cancer, knows that that it can be a scary and emotional time and connecting with others in the same boat is deeply bonding and many strong frienships are formed.
Within the Cancerucan community, there are so many amazing people and for everyone to come together and share skills and expertise with each other felt very empowering. Cancer can be a very disempowering experience and helping people to connect with their creativity and inner resources is a strong passion of mine.

I was delighted that everybody seemed as excited as I was about the idea and the business of making this dream in to a reality began.

Thankfully there were many offers of help and the charities 'Together Against Cancer' and 'Yes to Life' came forward with generous donations which we were very grateful for, as it enabled us to offer a number of half-price bursary places to over a dozen of the participants.

We also received a significant donation from Karen Waddington in memory of her beautiful daughter Laura who had sadly died from cancer the previous year.
Karen wanted to benefit as many people as possible with her donation and was very supportive of the retreat - her help was very timely as the budget for the retreat was looking a bit ropey due to the fact we were offering it at cost to the participants.

Making it a 'not-for-profit enterprize' had been my aim from the start and that is not very easy!!!

I am reminded how life takes care when we move from the heart and trust!

I always feel a great deal of support whenever I run something that the universe really likes - this has been a great joy to me over the years. Running 'Potions Club' (teaching kids how to make and use herbal remedies and the 'Back 2 Health Integrative cancer health-care conferences' also fall in to this category of seemingly 'universe-approved'!

So the weekend happened - 32 people came altogether including the charities and stand-holders and extra help.
We started on Friday afternoon with settling in, welcome meeting, dinner and fire ceremony where people set intentions and released all that was not serving them in to the fire. Annee Bury - fellow admin did a great job of facilitating people to release unwanted emotions and burdens so that the space was cleared for the weekend.
The next day, we had a packed day of talks and workshops including Donna Eden exercises with Sidika, Nature-play with Annee Bury, exercises with Stella Cross, Yoga with Joanne Long, buddy-group sharings, my talk - which was entitled "Staying Alive", Death Cafe with Annee Bury, Creative Journalling with Nicola Corcoran (fellow Cancerucan admin), singing and music creation with Lucy Popovich, 'Kicking stage 4 cancer' with Elaine Godley, 'Mental wellbeing' with Ruhi, Food prep with Melanie Gamble, Medical Cannabis with Philip Smith, Vision Boarding with Siobhan Kierans, Heal your life with Kim Slattery, Power of 8 healing with Jenny Litman.
The idea was that people could choose the workshops they liked the look of and also take free time to catch up with friends.

Then we finished off the day's activities with a shot of pre-dinner 'Love Potion' made by yours truly - taken along with an intention for the future.
Saturda evening entertainment was cancer comedy - which Jessica Richards and I delivered (Jessica had travelled especially from London for this) and she and I had had much fun preparing to bring some lightness in to the rather dark subject that cancer very often is for most people - including Jessica and I who were diagnosed in the same month 11 years ago - before we know each other.
Since my recovery, Cancer comedy was something I longed to do - seeing so much potential for fun and humour. We decided to keep the balance by making fun of the oncologists as well as complementary therapists and also the awkward way that some people can tend to talk to you when you have a diagnosis of cancer. We all had a very good laugh and I am sure that we managed to transform a lot of the seriousness around cancer - after all it is impossible to be scared of something that you have laughed about.

The following day we had some very inspirational healing stories delivered by Kathy White, Kit Stapley and Annee Bury and then Healing Circle with Annee and Power of 8 again.
We finished with the most beautiful singing medicine celebration thanks to Tarisha Seligman which also was our closing ceremony.

I am extremely grateful to everybody who came on the retreat and especially to Annee Bury, Nicola Corcoran, Sidika Petterson and Jenny Littman who are all so incredibly supportive.

Thank you all of you!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Creating Health

Hi Everyone!

On August 1st this year will be the ten year anniversary of my stage four cancer diagnosis!
I thought its time for me to write a blog post!

I've learned so much since my diagnosis in 2007 and despite being cancer free for over 9 years, I still find myself very much in the world of cancer, as I do my best to support other people who are dealing with cancer.
My Facebook group 'Cancerucan' has getting on for 3,000 members in it now and i'm so pleased that people have somewhere to turn where they can find community and friendship at a time which can otherwise be very isolating.

Nicola Corcoron and Annee Bury help me to run the group as it is a lot for just one person. Im so grateful to both of them as we all get on so well and they are both totally on the same wave-length as me.

Thankfully there is an awful lot more awareness now about cancer than there was in 2007 when there was no social media and much less information was available on how to heal the disease.
it was hard for people to come by inspiring and useful information to help themselves and I remember searching high and low to try and find somebody who had healed ovarian cancer (as was my original diagnosis).
I was lucky to come across a lovely lady called Gillian Gill who has now written her book 'Take control and Live' I really recommend this book as it shows you the importance of healing not only the physical body, but also the psyche.
Gillian had a massive impact on me as she actually healed all of her tumours without any conventional treatment and i'll always be grateful that she supported me at a time when I felt very scared and lonely. I used to phone her up just to hear her lovely supportive voice and words of encouragement.

My oncologist in Bristol took a dim view of my desire to heal naturally and had a pretty patronising attitude towards me. Indeed he even refused to scan me properly as I refused his treatment!

What I found extraordinary when I was diagnosed, was that my doctors had no answers for why I became ill - there was no one looking to see what health imbalances underlay my disease - they just said I was unlucky!

My intention once I was diagnosed was to become the healthiest I had ever been - I knew that to aim for being cancer-free was not enough to drive my recovery.

I spent a lot of time day dreaming about being healthy - I used to fantasise about how wonderful it would feel to be well again. I also used to imagine a feeling of health in my body - imagining that all my cells were literally tingling with health!
I discovered that imagination was my biggest healing tool that I had available to me.

To be honest, I believed that it was possible to heal, but I had no way of knowing if I would succeed - it felt like one big experiment!

It felt exciting to contemplate the possibility that my ovaries that were full of cancer may be able to return to being healthy ovaries. To visualise them healthy and send them love whilst accepting them the way they were - rather than telling them they were wrong felt important.

I discovered that everything that I really needed to know, I already knew intuitively - my body did know how to heal itself and my job really was to get out of the way.

I embarked on Gerson - as much as I could (its very hard to do it perfectly, but I settled for doing it the best I could).
Part of my healing journey was spending time at the Clinic St George in Germany where I received two treatments of hyperthermia and IPT (insulin potentiated chemotherapy).
It was after that that doctors told me at the Royal Marsden that I was on the way out! That was in January 2007 and yet by June 2007 I was cancer-free!

However, my health has been something that I have continued to build since then as I have looked at why the cancer came and worked to correct my thyroid, adrenals, eliminate parasites and heavy metals as well as learn how treat myself with great care.

As I reflect upon the ten years that have passed, I see that Cancer caused me to re-prioritise everything - I have become much more sensitive to my own needs and learned to place value on my happiness and wellbeing.

I love to feed myself yummy healthy food and I take a nap most days. I also have a pint of freshly-pressed vegetable juice each morning.

I still sometimes find myself in a pattern of putting others needs before my own - which is a classic cancer pattern, but the good thing is that I tend to recognise it now fairly early on and alarm bells ring causing me to stop and remind myself to take care of myself.
The old adage of putting one's own oxygen mask on before helping others remains a useful reference for me - after all, what good am I to others if i'm not taking care of myself?
Joy needs to be a priority in my life for me to thrive and I therefore make sure that I have the right people around me and that Im getting enough fun so that I stay healthy.

I have decided that this blog needs to be used again - the blog needs updating with more resources adding to it.
So watch this space!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Back2Health Radio Show

Every fortnight on the Back2Health Radio Show, I interview an inspiring guest who has a healing story to share.

Here is a link to all of the back episodes so that you can listen in your own time: Back2Health Radio 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tonight 7pm listen for free - Cancer: Don't let yourself be abused by the NHS!

Tonight's Back2Health Radio Show broadcast on is one you don't want to miss!

Fiona Shakeela Burns interviews 3 inspirational people - two people with a cancer diagnosis who have taken their health in to their own hands; colon cancer and breast cancer as well as German New Medicine expert Bill Tucker who will be talking about shock-conflicts behind certain types of tumours. As well we shall be discussing how women are more likely to be treated badly when they have cancer by their doctors than men are.

We will be giving you tips on how to be in your power when speaking to doctors, ask the right questions etc.

Go to through to Back2Health where you can read about tonight's guests.

If you click on the link on that page at 7pm UK time, you will be taken through to and just click on "listen live" button on left hand side!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Discussing Cancer on the Back2Health Radio Show

Last weeks Back2Health Radio Show was a good one - despite some technical challenges!

For anyone who doesn't already know about this show that I have been hosting since August last year - I really recommend that you tune in monthly at 7pm the first Tuesday of every month.

We don't always talk about cancer - but it is a strong theme due to my particular passion for spreading awareness about all of the proactive choices you can make if diagnosed with this disease.

Last week's show Phil Hughes from Liverpool UK was my first guest - he was one of the speakers at the first Back2Health Conference in Bristol 2013. He is talking about his controversial and highly informative film The Promise.

Next Angel Howerton from Arkansas who shared her incredible story of healing with everyone. She had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (uterine), which she healed with the help of many self-help techniques including herbs.

Here is link to the show on the Back2Health Events Website

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Back2Health Radio Show

My new radio show launches this evening on Peoples Internet - it is called The Back 2 Health Show.

It is all about health and solutions to improve our energy and wellbeing.

Tune in tonight at 7pm to hear me interview three wonderfully intelligent women who have dealt with or are dealing with breast cancer in their own way.

We will focus specifically on what part the mind plays when it comes to to getting our health back. click on this link at 7pm for the Back2health Show